What is Coaching?

The essence of executive coaching is helping leaders get unstuck from their dilemmas and assisting them to transfer their learning into results for the organisation. —Mary Beth O’Neil




Organisational or executive coaching is defined as;

“a helping relationship formed between a client who has managerial authority and/or responsibility in an organisation and a consultant who uses a wide variety of behavioral techniques and methods to help the client achieve a mutually identified set of goals to improve his or her professional performance, development and/or personal satisfaction and, consequently, to improve the effectiveness of the client’s organisation.” (p. 225, Sherin & Caiger, 2004)

Coaching is a rapidly growing area in the leadership development field and is fast becoming the tool of choice for executive and management positions. Coaching is essential in the success of organisations as it utilises established methods for enhancing the learning, insight and professional development of leaders. It is also commonly used to help overcome the stumbling blocks that hinder business growth.


Coaching at Performance Strategies

Our coaching process involves a series of tailored, one-on-one development sessions that are facilitated by one of our objective and qualified coaches. Each session incorporates evidence-based psychological tools, frameworks and questioning techniques that work toward achieving a mutually defined goal. As seen below in Figure 1., this is a phased approach intended to improve your organisation by gradually increasing the professional performance and personal efficiency of your leaders.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.59.58 AM

Managers and executives today face common organisational challenges of uncertainty, volitility and competitiveness. For these managers and executives, coaching seeks to provide both challenge and support through typical developmental topics such as:

  • Building resilience
  • Thinking proactively and strategically
  • Engaging stakeholders, communicating with awareness and influence
  • Creating clear vision and provide direction
  • Leading through change and uncertainty

At Performance Strategies you will work with highly experienced, professional executive coaches who will design a tailored coaching program based on over 10,000 hours executive coaching experience, delivered to Australia’s top companies.

We guarantee success for your organisation by offering bespoke solutions that are directly aligned with your organisational objectives and values. Each coaching program focuses on the achievement of specific goals and outcomes that directly contribute to your organisation’s performance.