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Assessments and Feedback can be used as a stand alone development tool for insight and action planning or as part of a leadership development program where the objective benchmarking of style, preference or competency can surface an accurate self awareness to focus the coaching or feedback sessions.

Most coaching programs will utilise an assessment tool to commence the program. The intention of the assessment component is for development not evaluation and the data is used to create buy-in and ownership of potential blind spots and opportunities to leverage strengths.  Assessment data belongs to the individual. A range in individual, team and organisational assessment include but are not limited to:

Other Assessment and Feedback measures we offer include:

  • Organisational Culture & Leadership Culture (LCS) Surveys
  • Organisational Engagement Tools (Tailored, Proprietary)
  • Organisational Change Measures (Readiness to Change, Change Leadership)
  • Diversity & Equity Surveys (Gender Equity, Unconscious Bias Questionnaires)


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