Accelerated Development Coaching Program

People are the single most important resource in an organisation. But improving the performance of an organisation is no longer just a matter of hiring the right person. New employees are valuable investments that have the potential to provide returns many times over, if nurtured correctly. Harnessing the value of each individual employee is therefore fundamental in positively transforming any organisation.

With this in mind, Accelerated Development Coaching is specifically designed to improve the bottom-line of your organisation as rapidly as possible. It aims to increase the discretionary effort that each employee exerts by coaching them as soon as they are employed. This means that we can start increasing the value that they can add to your organisation right from the beginning. Accelerated Development Coaching provides the assurance that your new employees will fit into your organisation more seamlessly, make fewer errors, and immediately accelerate their learning and work contributions by aligning their development directly with your organisation's strategy.

Our Accelerated Development Coaching Program is personally tailored and confidential. The program provides a clear developmental process for each employee and assists them in understanding how to continue to develop and take ownership of the skills, behaviours and thinking necessary for ongoing success. Personal benefits of this tailored coaching include:

- Accelerated development for their new role done correctly from the start.
- Increased capacity for current and future roles.
- Mastery of newly acquired skills, through challenge and support.
- Greater emotional intelligence.
- Awareness and understanding of how their behaviour impacts on others.
- Dedicated time for projects, with expert guidance.
- Increased ability to generate opportunities from challenges.
- Support from managers to ensure strategic and operational deliverables.