Coaching for Performance


Coaching for performance is a future focused, goal orientated program that aims to significantly improve the efficiency of you employees and align their goals with those of the organisation.

Organisations can improve the performance and outcome of their business by tapping into the powerful process of getting alignment between individual and organisational goals. Too often organisations fail to context performance goals in a way that is relevant to the individual, resulting in a low level of buy-in and ownership of outcomes.

By offering a tailored confidential performance coaching program, Performance Strategies can improve organisational outcomes through its extensive understanding and experience in the psychology of workplaces.



The important components of coaching for performance include:

1. A guided goal development process that includes Mastery, Autonomy, Purpose and Support.

2. Clear links to performance review processes and documentation.

3. Goal setting targets linked to organisational outcomes.

4. Addressing performance stumbling blocks.

5. Building ownership and accountability.

6. Agreed written areas of coaching focus with line manager.