Performance Strategies


Coaching is a rapidly growing area in the leadership development field and is fast becoming the tool of choice for executive
and management positions. Coaching is essential in the success of organisations as it utilises established methods for
enhancing the learning, insight and professional development of leaders. It is also commonly used to help overcome the
stumbling blocks that hinder business growth.

What is Coaching?

At Performance Strategies, our coaching process involves a series of tailored, one-on-one development sessions that are facilitated by one of our objective and qualified coaches. Each session incorporates evidence-based psychological tools...

Benefits of Coaching

The executive coaching that we offer at Performance Strategies is a challenging, yet supportive developmental process that addresses barriers to performance and provides insight into performance 'blind spots'.

Types of Coaching

Coaching for performance is a future focused, goal orientated program that aims to significantly improve the efficiency of you employees and align their goals with those of the organisation. Organisations can improve the...

Creating a Coaching Culture

Performance Strategies can work with your organisation to implement a sustainable cultural change program. We encourage employees to take accountability and ownership over the development and performance of...