Creating a Coaching Culture

Culture refers to the unwritten rules, values, norms, behaviours and other practices that collectively define how work is completed. An organisation’s culture can exert a powerful influence over its business output. Many organisations realise this fact and attempt to change their culture in some way. It can be quite challenging to even define what the desired culture might be, let alone transitioning the entire organisation away from its existing culture.


A coaching culture is where coaching behaviours and skills are readily used and accepted throughout the organisation. It is an environment focused on development, where employees use coaching principles such as active listening, questioning and generating options when interacting with one another.

Performance Strategies can work with your organisation to implement a sustainable cultural change program. We encourage employees to take accountability and ownership over the development and performance of others. By helping to support those around them, each employee contributes to a culture that feeds into the overall success of the organisation.

Our Coaching Culture program develops the necessary skills that employees at all levels need to coach more effectively and more often. A coaching culture promotes greater levels of trust, confidence and potential. This can lead to improved workplace performance as well as motivate and engage employees.