Performance Strategies

Leadership Development

What is leadership?

Leadership is the capacity and capability for an individual within an organisation to focus resources toward achieving a common goal.

Why development leadership in organisations?

The development of leadership capability in an organisation will create one of the most sustainable, competitive advantages in the marketplace; that is the improved effectiveness and alignment of staff around your organisation's goals. By establishing, assessing, developing, and embedding leadership capability with employees, your organisation is better able to attract, manage, and retain its people for better performance and competitiveness in the workplace.

What does Performance Strategies offer?

All organisations face unique leadership challenges; however often have limited resources to overcome these challenges. Our programs aim to link the development of leaders at all levels to the organisation's existing vision, values, strategies and goals.

Our leadership development program includes the following components:
- Understanding & diagnose current culture and leadership effectiveness
- Establishment: development of leadership competencies, models & fundamentals.
- Assessment: evaluate talent, capability, performance, & alignment.
- Develop: training, coaching, & projects to stretch new-found leadership skills.
- Embed, Sustain, & Review: feedback & performance calibration.