Manager as a Coach

One of the more challenging decisions for leaders is knowing when to manage and when to coach. In order to address this issue, many organisations simply employ professional coaches to deliver executive coaching services.  While this is beneficial, it can prevent leaders from ever up-skilling their own coaching ability and then spreading this coaching knowledge throughout the organisation they work for.

As a solution to this problem, we offer a program that specifically focuses on the development of coaching skills. Our Manager as Coach program is designed to provide managers with a practical coaching model and a set of core coaching techniques. Once equipped with these tools, your managers will be better able to effectively lead their work teams to a place of high-performance.

IMG_3794Our comprehensive approach targets the following development areas:

  • Core coaching skills for managers
  • Workplace coaching and protocols.
  • The role of manager as coach.
  • Motivating the self and others.
  • How to monitor performance, give feedback and ensure follow-through on agreed goals.